NEC Univerge SV 9000 platform newly released

SV9100 CPU b

NEC just released the 9000 platform this quarter, which is an evolution of the Univerge SV 8000 line that we have been reselling for over 7 years now.  The 9000 brings greater capacity, new VoIP features- including all-inclusive Unified Communications user licensing, more end-user control applications (including web access) and enhanced Mobility solutions.   The new DT400 and 800 phones also offer visually enhanced dial pads, color and greyscale display screens, gigabit ethernet switch ports, and lower pricing.  Consider the 9100/9300 for your new VoIP Communication Server solution, or upgrading your NEC 8100, 8300, or older NEAX 2000 platform.  Also, a brand-new Android tablet phone will be released Q1 2015

DT830_ITZ-12CG-3_BK_Front-133_lo_res SV9100 CPU c DT830_ITZ-8LD-3_BK_Front-116_lo_res